Below lists some of our positively driven, culturally diverse, skilled volunteers… commonly know as “Off-Grid Aid”. We thank our hundreds of donors and all those that have contributed to enable Off-Grid Aid to happen.


Adrian Paech
Adrian (Port3)
Project Coordinator (Technical)
Apart from my career in Information Technology, my interests expand to writing, spirituality, philosophy, sustainable building and generally having a good laugh. My truth-seeking journey has led me to realise a deeper purpose and potential… that self-fulfilment comes through service. During Typhoon Yolanda relief operations ($5 to Feed A Family), I realised that I can make a difference, that even the smallest act of compassion does go a long way. I desire to go beyond handouts, to empower people to help themselves. I am excited to get my hands dirty, working alongside like-minded volunteers, hoping we can come together to make positive change.
Narissa Bernas Narissa (Port) Project Coordinator (Finance / Logistics)
For the most part of my life, I have breathed and lived the corporate world. It was not unusual for me to work until 12 midnight or early morning hours. I loved that world, there is no doubt about it. However, I also knew that I was capable of much more. Going on a radical sabbatical, I left my stable job, the security of my home and the comfort of my family and friends in the Philippines. I moved to Australia knowing no one, with no job and no place to stay. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2012, I had to stop and re-think my life. I realised that my heart yearned for something beyond financial reward, I needed spiritual fulfilment. I now live one day at a time, trying to be the best person I can, giving all that I can give. Off-Grid Aid has provided me with a platform to serve for the greater good. Working alongside such a passionate team of volunteers is truly inspirational.
Jose Dib Jose (Port) Workshop Lead
I have knowledge and experience in Earth-Bag Building, Cob Building, Paving, Rendering, Website Design, Organic Gardening and Permaculture Design. I attended Cal-Earth Superadobe training in 2012. I recieved a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2009, afterwards spending 2 years volunteering, teaching permaculture design and consultancy. In 2011 I formed Permacultura Mexico. For my full resume…
 Lesley Mundt Les (Port) Workshop Trainer / Head Carpenter
I am a qualified builder and chef, with knowledge and experience in horticulture and permaculture. I was born on dairy/market garden farm and started reading about this bloke who had a different view on our environment, Bill Mollison. I trained as a chef and later become an apprentice carpenter in a cyclone area of central queensland. I have had a fortunate life. Put all this together with the need to give back, and here i am.
David Wells
Workshop Trainer
I am experienced in earthmoving, heavy machinery and work in the construction industry, with knowledge/passion for permaculture & sustainable farming. Being involved with off grid aid has given me an opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with people not so fortunate, but also learning & developing new skills and abilities along the path of my spiritual journey.
Brie Frost Workshop Trainer
I have an innate belief that I was put on this earth to be in service, in service of myself, other people and mother earth. Helping others makes my heart sing and brings a huge smile to my face. I have a degree in international development but after graduating and realising how difficult it is to find a fulfilling job in the non for profit sector I decided to pursue my love of green building and permaculture. I have been involved in 3 major start to finish earthship builds, including attending the academy in Taos. I had the pleasure of learning super adobe earthbagging techniques at Cal Earth in California and have also completed my permaculture PDC. Off Grid Aid is the perfect opportunity to put all this learning to practice with people who hold similar beliefs and dreams. I am excited to get my hands dirty and work alongside Filipinos, exchanging skills, lessons and laughter.
Guillaume Serrat Guillaume (Port) Workshop Trainer
I have been interested in off grid technologies for several years but only began to realise the dream of learning and getting involved last year by attending the Earthship Academy in Taos. I furthered my knowledge, volunteering on another Earthship project in Malawi at the end of last year. I am an avid researcher of sustainable solutions to empower myself and others to be self sufficient. Off Grid Aid offers a platform for me to learn by putting ideas into action. Vital services such as shelter, food, energy systems, water and sanitation should be accessible to every person living on this planet.
Tania Emms Tania (Port) Public Relations / Communications
Every Being has inherent worth, we are all sisters and brothers in a global family of humanity. This feeling of kinship, and compassion for those in difficulty, motivates me to pay forward some of the good fortune I have received in my life. Inspired by luminaries like Mandela and Mother Teresa, I’m determined to “be the change I want to see in this world”, practicing kindness as my ‘religion’ as championed by the Dalai Lama.
Having a diverse background – living in Africa for almost two years, working in remote Australian Indigenous communities, and volunteering as an asylum seeker English teacher- means I can bring cultural empathy to complement our team’s building expertise.  I can offer emotional intelligence to relief efforts earned through my journey of health challenges, personal development and study of emotional release techniques such as Journey work.
Off Grid Aid provides an opportunity to blend professional skills in business, project management, media/PR and science with my deep resonance for our shared humanness. Aiding others to regain their autonomy and dignity is humbling, expansive and joyous.  I am very grateful for that opportunity!
Joel Bernas
Joel (Port)2
Philippines Technical Operations
As Community Affairs Officer for Sigma, Capiz, I am excited to take part in coordinating activities on the ground, especially getting ready for our first workshop in April 2014. I am grateful to be involved in building the first earth-bag structure in my home province of Capiz.
Hopefully from these workshops locals can learn new techniques which will enable them to build strong, sustainable buildings for each other.
Jo Allan Jo (Port) Head Accountant


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