• 10 Day Earth-Building Workshop (Philippines)


22 April to 2 May 2014


Barangay of Pari-an, Sigma, Capiz

Workshop Purpose:

Off Grid Aid wants to empower Filipinos to build cost-effective, typhoon resistant housing using local materials. This workshop will be run by experienced international volunteers to provide training in earth-building technologies and permaculture solutions. This workshop is designed for Filipinos interested in utilising such technologies in their home towns.

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At this workshop you will…

  • Build a 6.8m X 4m Day-care Centre that doubles as an evacuation shelter.
  • Work with our team to understand how these technologies can complement traditional Filipino techniques.
  • Walk away being able to build typhoon resistant houses in your community.

This workshop is part of the “Philippines Eco Housing Project“. This will be the first of two workshops, with the second being held in October 2014 as an extension of the first. The Day-care Centre built during the workshop will be built as a prototype to facilitate local acceptance and understanding of the technology. Read More about this prototype…


Workshop Topics:

You will be taught the theory and practice of:

  • Earth-bag building technology
  • Natural building techniques
  • Permaculture (sustainable living solutions)
  • Waterproofing techniques
  • Rendering / Plastering (palitada)
  • Reading and making blueprints (plans)
  • Site planning and preparation
  • How to apply this technology to your community
  • Theory in Off-Grid energy / cooking / rainwater catchment / waste recycling systems

What is Earth-Bag Technology?


Long or short rice bags filled with earth and arranged in layers or long coils (compression) with strands of barbed wire placed between them to act as both mortar and reinforcement (tension). Stabilizers such as cement, lime, or asphalt emulsion may be added. Earth-bag structures have passed earthquake and typhoon resistance testing.
Off-Grid Aid sees earth bag technology to be effective when combined with traditional Filipino techniques (e.g. Nipa roofing). Our curved wall prototype promises the strength of arch geometry, while being simple to learn and apply.

This technology was originally patented by Cal-Earth as “Superadobe”. Read more on their website.


Are you ready to foster the bayanihan spirit?
Do you want to build with the earth under your feet?

We are looking for workshop attendees who:

  • want to learn and apply earth-building technologies, while transferring these skills back into their local community.
  • are willing to coordinate homeless and unemployed Filipinos to work together to build typhoon resistant housing for each other. (Tentatively scheduled for 2015. Efforts will be supported with a daily allowance of PHP 200 per day.)
  • have a basic ability to read, write and speak English.
  • are in good physical health.



Want to Join the Workshop?

Contact:  0917-811-0645



Download April 2014 Workshop Pamphlet
This pamphlet will be given to prospective Filipinos interested in attending the workshop.


    • off grid aid

      Update – 31/03/2014
      As of this writing we have approximately 20 Filipino trainees who have indicated their interests in joining the workshop.
      These 20 Filipino trainees will be coming from the following towns/provinces:

      Roxas City = 2
      Sigma = 3
      Siguijor = 3
      Carabao = 2
      Coron, Palawan = 1
      Cebu = 3
      Rotary Club = 5
      Panay = 1

      We hope to get the confirmed final count by next week.
      We will give update as they come.

      Kind Regards,

    • off grid aid

      Wow! Here is the final building after having some of the locals put the final touches to the roofing, render and flooring.

      Thanks goes out to all Filipino workshop participants. Look what we have all built together! All of us have worked so hard right through to the finish. Not only did we build a typhoon resistant emergency shelter crossing as a Day-care centre, but we built lasting friendships in the process.

      Workshop / Building participants included:

      Junjun Sardon (Coron, Palawan)
      Boyet Robles (Manilla)
      Larry Buenvenida (Panay)
      Reynaldo Braga (Panay)
      Roel Dumosdos (Panay)
      Rounaldo G. Agustin (Panay)
      Jofel Jardon (Romblon, Carabao Island)
      Lester John Salvacion (Romblon, Carabao Island)
      Gani A. Aguihap (Rotary Club)
      Bendicto Dela Cruz (Roxas City)
      Roy A Paril (Roxas City)
      Wilfredo F Cagay (Sigma)
      Ariel Juare (Sigma)
      Melvin Decain (Pari-an, Sigma)
      Eugine Celoso (Pari-an, Sigma)
      Michael Macfarland (Siguijor, Cebu)
      Alejandro De Asis (Pari-an, Sigma)
      Joeren De Asis (Pari-an, Sigma)
      Andrew Regoma (Pari-an, Sigma)
      Roderic Balsote (Pari-an, Sigma)
      Rolando Bolido (Pari-an, Sigma)

      None of this would have happened if it were not for our international volunteer organisers and trainers.
      We are truly humbled by your involvement. Eternal thanks goes to:

      Adrian Paech (Project Organiser)
      Narissa Bernas (Project Organiser)
      Joel Benedict Bernas (Sigma Technical Operations)
      Jose (Pepo) Dib (Workshop Lead)
      Brie Frost (Workshop Trainer)
      David Wells (Workshop Trainer)
      Guillaume Serrat (Workshop Trainer)
      Leslie Mundt (Workshop Trainer)
      Tania Emms (Communications)
      Jo Allan (Accounting)

      And lastly, we especially thank all of our donors and supporters. Look at what your donations have created. Not only has your generosity resulted in a typhoon resistant prototype, but also the empowerment of more than 20 Filipinos in earth-building technology and permaculture concepts. Its encouraging that many of the participants are already planning to roll out this technology in their home towns as a result of the workshop. We will endeavour to keep the Facebook page and website updated with their progress.

      No doubt it’s been hard work, but definitely worth it in the end.

      Love and Regards to all,
      The Off-Grid Aid Team.

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