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Project Objectives:

1.  Empower the Filipino people to build self-sustainable housing for and with each other.

2.  Assist Filipinos in building housing solutions which:

◦ Are typhoon resistant.
◦ Are inexpensive to build with
—- $AUD 1500 per dwelling, or
—- $AUD 10000 per eco-village. (Each eco-village will house 6 families or more.)

◦ Use local Filipino materials to stimulate the local economy.
◦ Complement traditional Filipino building techniques.
◦ Provide shared off-the-grid water, sewerage, and cooking facilities. (For eco-villages housing 6 families or more).
◦ Build a prototype to facilitate local acceptance and understanding of the technology.

3.  Enable such sustainable solutions to be deployed on a larger scale. Solutions built by the people, for the people.

Project Overview:

The “Philippines Eco Housing Project” strives to empower the Filipino people to build typhoon resistant housing that is ecologically friendly and culturally sensitive while complementing traditional Filipino techniques.

Off-Grid Aid believes that self-sustainable housing is the way forward, not just in the Philippines, but on a global scale. Since the devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda, it has become clear that Filipinos are in need of an effective housing solution, a solution that can withstand up to 26 typhoons per year, is cost-effective to build, and ecologically friendly to the environment. The “Philippines Eco Housing Project” aims to address all of these concerns in one holistic approach.


The Chaos of Typhoon Yolanda (2013)



International volunteers experienced in earth-building technologies and permaculture techniques (sustainable living) will train Filipinos using a collaborative skills-sharing approach. Our volunteers will run workshops across the Philippines to:

1. Provide hands-on training for Filipinos in earth-bag building technologies and sustainable living.

2. Build an initial Proof-Of-Concept which demonstrates the effectiveness of the technology.

3. Learn from Filipinos to understand how these modern solutions can be synergised with traditional Filipino techniques.

Hands-on knowledge and experience will enable Filipinos to walk away empowered, ready and confident to use these new found skills in their local setting. Off-Grid Aid will continue to develop longer-term strategies to assist Filipinos in taking this technology back into their respective towns. Our ultimate goal is to enable such sustainable solutions to be deployed on a mass scale, not by Off-Grid Aid, but by the people, for the people.

Proof-of-Concept Design:

When and Where?
Off Grid Aid will run two workshops in 2014. The first 10-day workshop was held from April 22 to May 2, 2014. The second workshop is planned for March 2015, where we will implement sustainable off-grid solutions. Workshops will be held in the Barangay of Pari-an, Sigma (Capiz), resulting in the construction of the first proof-of-concept model unit. Roll out phases for mass scale deployment, to be planned and scheduled.

Our first workshop in April 2014 was extremely fruitful. Not only did we build a Proof-of-Concept daycare centre / evacuation centre, we shared ideas, concepts, and made a whole lot of new friends in the process. Here are pics from the workshop:
DSCN3941P1110377P1110345P1110355P1110349_DSC0023DSCN3939P1110326_DSC0003 _DSC0032 _DSC0039 _DSC0059 _DSC0069

April 2014 workshop details – Philippines (Capiz)

Donations and Assistance:

Initially, Off-Grid Aid is attempting to fund the proof of concept daycare centre and workshops for phase 1. Phase 1 will be split over two workshops, the first in April 2014 and the second in March 2015. Eight experienced international volunteers will coordinate and provide training to Filipinos using a skills-sharing approach. Approximately 15 Filipino volunteers will be attending. Volunteers will be paying their own way (accommodation, flights, etc).

The estimated cost of Phase 1 is $8000.  This will cover the running costs of both workshops (April 2014 and March 2015) and the costs required to build the prototype in Sigma, Capiz. Remaining donations from “$5 to Feed a Family” ($3300) will be put towards this project. An additional $4,700 is still required to cover costs.

Upon successful completion of phase 1 along with fine-tuning of the final design, we shall begin working towards the roll out of housing rehabilitation as outlined in phase 2 and onwards. Here we strive to assist Filipinos in building cost effective, typhoon resistant housing for each other. (See project brief below for details).

Donation Sources:

– Assistance from project website donations.
– Assistance from government and complimenting aid organisations.
– Other fundraising activities, to be determined.

Learn More…

Download Project Brief
The Project Brief details contains our Project Methodology, Implementation Strategy and Detailed Concept Design.


WorkshopGroupPicApril 2014 workshop details (Typhoon Resistant Housing – Philippines, 10 Day Building Workshop)

Click Here to meet the Off-Grid Aid Team..

Download April 2014 Workshop Pamphlet
This pamphlet will be given to prospective Filipinos interested in attending the workshop.

Full Donors List:

NAMES Amount (in AUD)
Anonymous $4,205.00
Amir Shaitch $30.00
Ann Papargiris $50.00
Ann Psaila $150.00
Anonymous (Bramalco) $5.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $20.00
Anonymous $86.00
Anonymous (Deposited at Victor Harbor) $50.00
Anonymous (MODVIC employees) $150.00
Anonymous (via Narissa) $50.00
Anonymous(Bramalco employees) $70.00
Anthony Kartono $50.00
Brian O’keeffe $20.00
Cheryl (Bramalco) chocolate $150.00
Chip Money (C/O L Stutley) $76.70
Chris Parkinson $50.00
Colin Bayley $50.00
Cris & Von Vidanes $120.00
Daniel Leonard $5.00
Daniel Salig $10.00
Emily Rose George Benson $5.00
Ernie & Margaret Sullivan $50.00
Fia Tavui $10.00
Friedrich Rinn $50.00
George Maios $20.00
George O’Brien $100.00
Gina Genoves $50.00
Glenn Van Horen $50.00
Hung $20.00
Ilham Jauffer $50.00
Ines $20.00
Ines / Mavies Pinto $45.00
Interest $1.02
Interest $8.13
Ivan Pavleka $10.00
Jack McDonald $20.00
Jacqueline Goss $5.00
Janet (Schneider) $30.00
Janet Nguyen $50.00
Janet Villanueva $10.00
Jean & Joji de Guzman $70.00
Jo Allan (chocolate) $50.00
Juliet (SFXCathedral) $20.00
Karen York-Brown (chocolate) $50.00
Katherine Kiernan $15.00
Katie Davey (choco) $100.00
Katie Davey / Ruth $350.00
Katie Findlay $20.00
Katie Findley (choco) $150.00
Keith Reinboth $50.00
Kevin (SFXCathedral) $20.00
Kim Degens $5.00
Leanne Brown $20.00
Lei Acevedo $50.00
Leisa Stutley (Choco) $55.00
Liam O’Gorman $20.00
Lillette Villreal-Serana $37.50
Lucy Trompeta $200.00
Madelyn Leaman $5.00
Mao & Mai (Scripture study) $50.00
Marcus Byas $5.00
Margaret $15.00
Margaret (Scripture Study) $15.00
Mark Graves $100.00
Mark Jessop $5.00
Mary Foganty $5.00
Ozroll (Reception-Choco) $55.00
Mycause: Peter Lemahieu $10.00
Mycause: Anonymous (Fr switzerland) $100.00
Mycause: Glen Bernas $30.00
Mycause: Ann $50.00
Mycause: Alex TanSW $10.00
Mycause: Jason Perez $50.00
Mycause: Kylie $20.00
Mycause: Tania Emms $50.00
Mycause: Trish $50.00
Peter Moore (Apostleship  c/o Beth Earthy) $25.55
Peter Moore (Apostleship  c/o Beth Earthy) $50.00
Sally (Scripture Study) $50.00
Pauline Legessner $5.00
Michael Mcfarland (php2180) $57.37
Angie & Nelson Boluso-Viterbo(php10120) $266.32
Anonymous $2,721.95
Nicole Garcia $15.00
Ozroll Reception(Choco) $50.00
Paul Carrol $15.00
pauline Vela $150.00
Paypal $0.40
Priscilla Pilcher $5.00
Ralph Greek $5.00
Reynaida Camporedondo $50.00
Ron & Tina Bayley $1,109.00
Ronald Villareal $150.00
Sally Dodge $10.00
Sam McKnight $60.00
Scripture study group 1 (anonymous) $61.55
Scripture Study group 2 (collection) $95.00
Sharon Harvey $50.00
Sue Moffitt $15.00
Swamynathan G $20.00
Tania Emms/Lester/Jofel (php1000) $26.32
Teneia Nikora $20.00
Tia McNally-Paea $10.00
Tony Meadows $50.00
Valerie Eves $5.00
Christian Brosch $100.00
Janine Taranto $20.00
Jasmine Green $100.00
Derek Brown $50.00
Camire Maxime $50.00
Soubash Badal $50.00
Victor $20.00
 Atty Rick Bernas }   for opening their homes to
 Karen Dequina    }   accommodate the international volunteers
 Municipality of Sigma / Mayor Cris Andaya – for the soil (buga) and gravel used in the construction of the Day Care Centre / for the backhoe and mixer used in the workshop
Zeny Lachica – for opening her home to the Filipino volunteer / daily supply of ice
 Ramil Valeriano – for the videocam used during the entire workshop
 Pepo Dib Gomez                                      $21.00
 Kyton fundraisers                                    $107.35
 Leisa Stutley, Leanne Brown, Jo Allan, Karen York-Brown,
 Katie Findlay, Kevin O’Mahoney, Caroline, Mye Joves,
 Janet Parlet, Cris Vidanes, Jacqui Minogue, Xiomara Ruiz,
 Alex TanSW, Linda Lacar, Cathy Lacar, Lei Acevedo,
 Eman Hernandez



Philippines Eco Housing Project

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