$8049 Raised 1 Donors $7500 Goal

This project distributed $5 food packs to Filipino families severely hit by Typhoon Yolanda in November 2014. Thanks to our wonderful donors,  food packs were successfully distributed to 1500 families across the province of Capiz (Philippines). Families in need were given a lifeline, feed for up to one week. The towns of SIGMA, PANITAN & PANAY were assisted. 1,500 food packs were distributed across 1,500 families; 500 across each town.

Stage 1 Sucessfully Achieved

I am happy to announce, thaton the 28th of December, the final food pack distribution was completed in the barangay of Pasugue, inPanitan, Capiz.

All went swimmingly except for the heavy rain around the time of the distribution.

Another 250 families in this region were greatly helped thanks to our donors and all involved. Narissa and her extended family directly took part in packing and distribution. Her nephews and nieces even donated slippers, school bags, colouring books and story books in addition to the food packs provided. They alone raised PHP 2,570 (AUD$ 64) from their own Christmas present money in addition to the donations provided.


Here the Bernas family are packing the food packs, and the next picture shows all getting involved in the distribution…



Here is the line up, as people gather to receive their food packs.


Thanks again to Karen Dequina for all her coordination efforts on the ground!

At the closing of Stage 1, we spent $AUD 7,496.18 of the $7500 planned. Stage 1 came under budget by only$4!

All of our donors have made a huge impact, feeding 1,250 families for up to one week, and providing water containers to400 families in need. We delivered the goods as quickly as we could.Our donors and all involved most definitely provided a life-line to these wonderful people,enabling them to keep going in these toughest of times.

We are extremely excited about the potential of stage 2.After visiting the Philippines and having discussions with residents and officials, it was obvious that housing rehabilitation was the next most critical area needing attention.We could distribute more food packs, however most villages were now becoming self sufficient, and aid organisations such as Red Cross were getting to most places in need.

We have now come up with a name for Stage 2, the “Superadobe Community Building Project”. The draft project brief has been completed, and we are already in discussions with Cal-Earth (the suppliers of Superadobe technology) and officials in Capiz. Once we are clearer about budgets and our strategy has gained support from all sides we will upload thebrief for public viewing. Once stage 2 is approved we will be sending a copy of the project brief to all of our donors so they are fully aware of how excess donations will be allocated. If donors have any comments or concerns about Stage 2, we encourage you to send through your feedback!

Additional donations over and above the $7,500 target, will now be put aside for Stage 2. Additional funds earmarked for Stage 2 currently stand at $AUD 2692.76.

Here is our final progress update at the end of Stage 1:

STAGE 1 GOAL: $AUD 7,500.00



EXPENSES: $AUD 7,496.18 | PHP 291,787.40

EXPENSES (Breakdown):

  • Sigma / Food Packs, 250 families (28/11/2013) $AUD 1,257.50 | PHP 50,300
  • Panitan / Water Containers, 400 families (30/11/2013) $AUD 1,040.00 | PHP 41,600
  • Panay / Food Pack, 500 families (16/12/2013) $AUD 2,584.30 | PHP 99,392
  • Sigma / 2nd Food Pack, 250 families (17/12/2013) $AUD 1,290.00 | PHP 49,613.40
  • Panitan / 2nd Food Pack, 250 families (28/12/2013) $AUD 1,276.38 | PHP 48,962.00
  • Bank Transfer Charges: $AUD 48.00 | PHP 1,920

TOTAL: $AUD 7,496.18 | PHP 291,787.40



Full Donors List:

NAMES Amount         (in AUD)
Anonymous $4,205.00
Amir Shaitch      $30.00
Ann Papargiris      $50.00
Ann Psaila    $150.00
Anonymous (Bramalco)       $5.00
Anonymous     $10.00
Anonymous     $20.00
anonymous     $86.00
Anonymous (Dep at Victor Harbor)     $50.00
anonymous (MODVIC employees)   $150.00
Anonymous (via Narissa)     $50.00
anonymous(Bramalco employees)     $70.00
Anthony Kartono     $50.00
Brian O’keeffe     $20.00
Cheryl (Bramalco) chocolate    $150.00
Chip Money (C/O L Stutley)      $76.70
Chris Parkinson      $50.00
Colin Bayley      $50.00
Cris & Von Vidanes    $120.00
Daniel Leonard       $5.00
Daniel Salig     $10.00
Emily Rose George Benson       $5.00
Ernie & Margaret Sullivan     $50.00
Fia Tavui     $10.00
Friedrich Rinn     $50.00
George Maios     $20.00
George O’Brien   $100.00
Gina Genoves     $50.00
Glenn Van Horen     $50.00
Hung     $20.00
iIlham Jauffer     $50.00
Ines     $20.00
Ines / Mavies Pinto     $45.00
Interest       $1.02
interest       $8.13
Ivan Pavleka     $10.00
Jack McDonald     $20.00
Jacqueline Goss       $5.00
Janet (Schneider)     $30.00
Janet Nguyen     $50.00
Janet Villanueva     $10.00
Jean & Joji de Guzman     $70.00
Jo Allan (chocolate)     $50.00
Juliet (SFXCathedral)     $20.00
Karen York-Brown (chocolate)     $50.00
Katherine Kiernan     $15.00
Katie Davey (choco)   $100.00
Katie Davey / Ruth   $350.00
Katie Findlay     $20.00
Katie Findley (choco)   $150.00
Keith Reinboth     $50.00
Kevin (SFXCathedral)     $20.00
Kim Degens      $5.00
Leanne Brown     $20.00
Lei Acevedo     $50.00
Leisa Stutley (Choco)     $55.00
Liam O’Gorman     $20.00
Lillette Villreal-Serana     $37.50
Lucy Trompeta   $200.00
Madelyn Leaman      $5.00
Mao & Mai (Scripture study)    $50.00
Marcus Byas      $5.00
Margaret    $15.00
Margaret (Scripture Study)    $15.00
Mark Graves  $100.00
Mark Jessop     $5.00
Mary Foganty     $5.00
Ozroll (Reception-Choco)   $55.00
Mycause: Peter Lemahieu   $10.00
Mycause: Anonymous (Fr switzerland) $100.00
Mycause: glen bernas   $30.00
Mycause: Ann   $50.00
Mycause: Alex TanSW   $10.00
Mycause: Jason Perez   $50.00
Mycause: kylie   $20.00
Mycause: Tania Emms   $50.00
Mycause: Trish   $50.00
Peter Moore (Apostleship  c/o Beth Earthy)   $25.55
Peter Moore (Apostleship  c/o Beth Earthy)   $50.00
Sally (Scripture Study)   $50.00
Pauline Legessner     $5.00


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